Package org.hd.d.efs

Main EntropyPool classes.


Class Summary
EntropyPool Manages a pool of truly random bits, hopefully cryptographically secure.
Gatherer General gatherer of entropy from sources other than serlvet page hits.
GenParams General parameters for gatherer mechanism.
InternalEntropySource Used by EntropyPool (and Gatherer) to generate entropy within the JVM.
SrcParams Per-source gatherer parameters.
Utils Utility routines, eg for memory and threading.
Utils.SimpleLRUMapAutoSizeForHitRate<K,V> Simplified map with fixed capacity that discards excess items in LRU (Least Recently Used) order to meet a hit/miss ratio goal.
Whitener This class whitens one source of random numbers with another.

Package org.hd.d.efs Description

Main EntropyPool classes. These should be deployable in many environments.