EntropyPool and Entropy Filter Home Page

Welcome to the EntropyPool and Entropy Filter demonstration site!

This is version 0.3.7 of the system.

This Web site embodies a demonstration of the EntropyPool, entropy filter and gatherer daemon, and true random-number generator.

This site also contains a snapshot of the Java code and documentation.

This system gathers its 'entropy' or truely random noise from a number of sources, including local processes, files and devices, Web page hits and remote Web sites.

The EntropyPool system can generate bits which have enough real and unpredictable randomness in them to make them a good source of bits for cryptographically-secure keys for example, and in general can enhance the security of any Web- or command-line- based Java system.

The EntropyPool can also be used as a good source of bits to improve the statistical properties of other random-number sources. For example, if you work in a merchant bank and you run a Monte Carlo pricing method for a complex financial instrument then you may want to run it once in your test or batch harness with a fixed seed to guarantee reproducability, and once with a seed drawn from a local EntropyPool to ensure that the result so computed is close enough, and that there is nothing special about the fixed seed you are using for your problem.

Get Some Random Bits

Download some random bits from the pool.

Other Sources of Random Bits

For some other sources of randomness see:

Information on Hardware and Software Sources of Randomness

Download V0.3.7

You can download various parts of the current in-development version.

Or you can browse the javadoc on line.


The Entropy Filter was originally designed and developed by Damon Hart-Davis based on prngd by Lutz Jaenicke.